2015 Show Season

Show season is upon us once again! Whether you are thinking of one of the many Truckfest events, or one of the independent shows such as the Peak Truck Show, the Barnard Castle show, Full of the Pipe in Ireland or one of the smaller up and coming shows such as the Cornwall Truck Show, the Evesham Truck show or even the only single marque show in the UK, The Gathering of the Griffin held for Scania owners, drivers and enthusiasts alike, what ever your show the season has begun. If you run your own show then please email, tweet or some how send me show details so I can put it on the blog for you.

There are shows up and down the country  and it is high time that all dates and locations were in one simple  easy location for everyone to find, but as yet, even on the blog, we have all failed to compile a singular list of all shows. The list in Trucking International magazine is about as comprehensive as it gets. Speaking from my simple show experience, it doesn’t seem to matter if you are entering a truck or just a day visitor there is a show for you some where. My days of entering trucks in shows are some what over unless some one is kind enough to loan me one. Even as a day visitor I still don’t get round to as many shows as I’d like, we specially the independents where there seems to be an increased sense of atmosphere and a smaller number of trucks. The Retro truck show at Gaydon in September is the best example of this and incidently according to a Poll I did here on the blog, the Retro Show was also your favourite truck show of 2014.

The effort that drivers, owners and their families are putting in to keeping the trucks in top condition gets better and better every year. Just look at the well known Fallen Heros Scania above. I saw this truck up close for the first time at the Gathering of the Griffin last year. It’s a stunning truck, a rolling tribute to all the fallen soldiers in Afganistan, so it deserves to be well looked after. Therefore it isn’t possible to question the amount of effort Kian Humphreys and his family put in to keeping it clean. This does allow me to publish one of my favourite photos from last year. The following photo sums up the effort required to maintain a top custom truck………

I do have a hand in the Gathering of The Griffin, held in Ipswich every September. I am known as a Scania fan amoung other things, so I take great pleasure in judging the Best 3 Series Scania every year. There is no other one marque truck show in the UK, never mind the fact that last year there were over 115 Scania trucks all in one place. Including for the first time ever, at least one truck from very series sold in the UK. I can email you an entry form if required. All I ask is that if you enter please turn up as the parking for the weekend is all arranged in series order and does give the organiser the odd head ache when trying to make the final plan, so drop outs or should I say those who can’t be arsed to turn up, certainly aren’t flavour of the weekend!

This year myself I will be trying to attend a few events, most of the time I’ll be wearing a Truckblog Polo shirt, so feel free to come and say hello. I am currently planning on going to the following shows for the day or the weekend;

Yes Interlaken! I can’t wait for that one. I am a lucky man as Mrs Blog allows me a weekend away every year on the continent to endulge myself in plenty of continental trucking! Sorry I meant in a manly way, I tell Mrs Blog I’m going!! I’ve wanted to go to Interlaken for a number of years now, but Truckstar Festival in the Netherlands has always been first choice mainly for logistical reasons and my weird wanting to be Dutch! As for the rest, they are my annual mainstay of shows, but I’m always keen on trying some thing new if I can or if time and family commitments allow. 

As it’s physically not possible for me to get to all shows this year, although it would be some challenge for a single person, I’ll happily accept any show reports written by you lot to publish on the blog, so you can tell us all what we missed out on. All I’d need are some photos and a good write up. Email me at ben@truckblog.co.uk and I WILL publish all reports I receive, you’ll also get a free TB sticker for your efforts! So where ever you’ll be showing or visiting please share your show with us all. Keep on trucking! – These are all my own photos. 

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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