Who’s that MAN??


Truck detective required!! This was on a transporter I saw today. It’s an MAN TGL LX 12.250, it had a roof spoiler, factory air horns, twin long range fuel
tanks and of course a rather fetching full yellow paint job. You have to agree it’s not your average 12 tonner and what made it more intriguing is that it was on its way to Kuda to have some work done. Usually a truck would go to Kuda to have some work done perhaps a sun visor, an air kit or even a high roof conversion but seeing as this little ray of German sunshine already has all of the above, then what else is it going to have done?? #Someonesomewhereknowssomething – I don’t know if I can #Hashtag that but everything on the radio and telly box these days seems to be hash-tagged! For a minute I did think Christmas had come early when this little Tonka appeared but I’m not 100% on the colour. Although at least it is just yellow and not faded yellow, super dark yellow, cat sick yellow or any other bizarrely named shade of vehicle paint, it is what I call YELLOW. I would very much like to see more of this truck but that all comes down to you dear readers to keep me posted with your knowledge and spots, so get to work and let me know what you find. You can leave a message below, tweet or email me, ben@truckblog.co.uk, I’m not fussy………finish the truck off with 17.5″ Alcoa’s and it’d be my birthday too!!


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