Christmas Gift Idea


Something for your Christmas list….. A perfectly timed release for this years festive season, is this own account Autobiography of an Owner Driver from Southampton by the name of Chris Nicholls. I got this on email from Chris over the weekend;

“For 23yrs between the late seventies and the early nineties I was an owner-driver working out of Southampton and traveling both UK and Europe. I have spent the last 2 yrs writing about my experiences in a book entitled THERE AND BACK A JOURNEY AROUND MY LIFE. This went live on Amazon 48hrs ago. Tonight I have been informed its 76th in its catagory of about 160, FOUR places above JAMES MAY. If there any lads out there stuck on a loading bay or having a night out in some cold lay-by and require a good laugh, this book could be the answer.”

The book is currently available for downloading as an e-book onto your Kindle, if your cool enough that is! Click HERE. If your like me you’ll have to wait til mid December and buy it in paper book format. I for one have put it on my list from the rotund man in the red suit, so hopefully if I can behave for a little longer, I might just get my copy for Turkey Christmas day.

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