Mass David Scarff Photo Collection Upload

Volvo's (214)

You should be aware by now that I am very slowly scanning David Scarffs very large photo collection. Its taking ages but today I finally found the quick scan button for my scanner, so I ploughed through nearly 500 photos in just about 2 hours. As usual I found some absolute belters.

Volvo's (83)

Approx 400 photos were Volvo and approx. 100 were Whites. I don’t think I will ever get bored of scanning photos and I don’t think I will ever get bored of an F12 Globetrotter!

For David Scarffs Flickr page click HERE.

Or if you want easy access to all the different manufacturers sets, then click HERE.

Volvo's (50)

White Trucks (66)

The other awesome thing about all these photos taken from the 1970’s and 1980’s is everything that is going on in the background. I have no idea on how many twin wheel  Transits and Bedfords I have seen and also just look at the price of a litre of diesel….35.9p!!

White Trucks (42)

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