Best Truck (Photo) of 2013

Truckstar Festival 2013 (498)

Please post your photos on the Facebook page, Twitter or email them to me at; and I will put them on the blog. Where can I start with what is my best truck of the year or my favourite photo. I’ve seen so many this years and have managed to visit a number of shows, which really makes it difficult to choose just one truck. Seeing as I write the blog I hope you will allow me to choose 3!
My first choice has to be the gorgeous Scania T500 from Dutch company Van Triest. I’m a sucker for a Tcab as it is, but this stunning truck just kept drawing me back each time I walked within 500 yards of the pit area at the Truckstar Festival, Assen back in July (if you’ve not been to this show, put it in your diary for 2014).

My only problem with the truck could be that its green, but as my Show partner, Mr James “Mick” Cartwright will confirm, me and green trucks had some sort of a weird bond going on at Assen this year. I think the Silver and green paintwork just looks awesome, just enough lights and bling for me too, and topped off with a cool mixed brown interior from Special Interior, NL. You have to agree it look just as good at night and I’m glad that I managed to make a half decent effort of a night shot. Amaze-balls.

Truckstar Festival 2013 (273)

Truckstar Festival 2013 (230)

Truckstar Festival 2013 (78)

In this case just 1 photo of the amazing War Machine built by Swedish trucknuts, Svetsab AB, is just not enough to do it justice. You might or might not like the mat black paint work. You might or might not like the artwork on the side. You might or might not like all the shiny stainless steel down both sides of the big Swede. But put the whole lot together and it becomes one of the most impressive trucks I think I’ve ever seen. Its got American big rig about it with all the stainless steel and chicken lights all over, but the clever Svetsab lads have put it all together so in no way does it look over done, in fact in my opinion it’s almost somehow got an air of “understated” about it, yea you know what I mean! Just because its NYE and I love this truck, I’ll spoil you with a video of said beast too;

Now if that doesn’t flick your butterfly valve then you shouldn’t be reading the blog, it’s just, its just…..i’m getting all misty eyed!! One more photo (ok 2) and onto the next truck.

Truckstar Festival 2013 (79)

Truckstar Festival 2013 (85)

Next up and to finish off, nothing quite so glam, but more to my own taste, which is why I want you to show me yours as I’ve shown you mine (oo-er!). This little Italian MAN TGL LX is my idea of perfection. I love the Tonka toys as it is, but this garment carrying, cool white TGL is just stunning. I have to add that this was not taken by me but the one and only Neil Jarrold from or if you’re a Facebook fan, go to his Wheels in Motion page, you wont find any better photos. If I win the Lotto tonight a little MAN like this would be first on my list of purchases. Note I did say purchases, next would be the War machine and 3rd would be THIS.

As its New Years Eve and all and sundry will be having a drink, like me I’m sure you’ll be checking your phones, so please get posting / emailing / Tweeting your fave photos/trucks of the year. Either join in or it makes me look like the sad old truck perv I think I am!!

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