Cows that for a Big V8?!


What a beauty, spotted parked at Cambridge Services having a break the week before Christmas by Michael Thompson. This stunningly plain example of a V8 Scania 730 was either on its way to on its way back from the Continent with another load of Irish Beef for our European cousins to enjoy over the festive period.

I’ve seen photos of this County Donegal registered V8 before coming in or out if Dover. I have to say that livestock is an area of transport that I know nothing about so why the choice of a 4×2 over a 6×2?? Some one will tell me I’m sure. Other than that who ever owns deserves a bravery medal for choosing a white truck and trailer to transport dirty cows from dirty farms but then again I guess that’s why the truck is so stunning because it’s not a livestock truck colour it’s a bit different. I think the trailer is one of those Italian built ones, Pezzaioli?? but again it would be nice if one of you could tell us a bit about livestock trucking.


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