Stranded Sailor MAN


As you all know it was a touch windy last night especially round the coast of our delightful little Island. For those of you crossing the English Channel, it wasn’t much fun. Dover, Calais, Dunkerque, Newport and Dieppe all closed from yesterday evening til this morning. Not very festive of Mother Nature I know. Poor Steve Marsh was one of those stranded at DFDS in Dunkerque. The last boat sailed just as he arrived in Dunkerque yesterday afternoon/evening, may be a blessing in disguise! As you can see the dock was very quiet and not a lot was going on last night. 14 hours delay and he crossed this morning back to Blighty and hopefully home to Warrington before the big man gets stuck down the chimney!!


1 thought on “Stranded Sailor MAN

  1. One oft the best feelings is that you are on one of the last and last ferry back to Blighty!
    I have twice caught a ferry back for Christmas on Christmas eve.


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