Wheels in Motion


Some of you know me too well I’m thinking. A certain Neil Jarrold clearly knows what my favourite truck is as I was the only person he tagged in one of his latest photos on Facebook. Yes I love the little MAN TGL LX and none more so than this, almost brand new Italian version. What more could I want from a little Tonka toy like this? I mean its got colour coded bumpers and mirrors, ally wheels, long-range ally fuel tank, tidy little hanging garment box, plain, understated and just dam smart!! I love it. As for the photo, that was taken by the man who spends many an hour standing on a bridge at Junction 9 on the M20 in Kent, yes the one and only Mr Neil Jarrold. Neil is a truck perv of the highest order (no matter what he says!), his career as a Volvo truck salesman means he knows a thing or two about most fleets in the country and was also responsible for the Volvo FH XL70 special edition. These days he runs a small used truck business, as well as continuing to take many a top class photo for us all to enjoy, such as the little MAN above.


Neil’s photos are getting better and better, I mean you can’t get a better “on the move” photo of Paul Cecil’s delightful DAF than that. Really you can’t. The one problem with being a top class photographer is that there is always a few who want to abuse your talents. By this I mean those of you who right-click and save photos from the internet then either claim them as your own or put them ebay to sell for your own ill-gotten gains. If you want to use one of Neils or anyone else photos, then why not just give them a credit, after all, Neil takes his photos for us all to enjoy so why not repay the compliment by just adding to your use of the photo “Neil Jarrolds Photo” or “taken from www.euro-wheels.com” that way we all know where its come from, the photographer gets a mention for his great photo and you can’t be called a nob by all and sundry for nicking some one elses photograph. You all got it?? Good, now put the soap box away as I don’t need it. Although I will add that I actually saw one of my own photos on eBay for sale recently that I took at Assen this year. How do I know its mine?? because the muppet who was selling didn’t realise the 2 spots of the photo are scratches on my lens!

Any way please give credit to Neil Jarrold (and all other photographers for that matter) for his photos as one of these days he will stop making them public and the social media sites that we all enjoy looking at will soon become very dull places to be. If you want to see more of Neil’s handy cam work then go to either of the following;

Website: www.euro-wheels.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wheelsinmotion

Thanks for the great photo of the MAN Neil and please keep taking photos, so the majority of us can just sit back and enjoy them. If you go to the Euro-wheels website you can trawl through loads of Albums of trucks back to the 1980’s and beyond.

All three of these photos are copyright of Neil Jarrold 2013.


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