MAN in The Med

Steve Marsh - Sardignia

Back in the summer, when the weather was fine, your friend and mine, Steve Marsh, went on another island hopping trip out to Sardinia. May be it was best back in the summer with the nice weather rather than the terrible weather that Sardinia suffered a few weeks back. Marshy certainly got a cracking day when he was there and he also ended up finding a quiet street where the old MAN could have a relax while Marshy got the bike out, you can’t beat blue sea/sky as a back drop.

Steve Marsh - Sardinia

A normal Monday in the North West and Steve gets a call asking of he can load 5 tons of machinery, nothing to different about that, apart from it has to be delivered to Porto Torres, Sardinia. by the end of the week. Now as we all know when there is an express job worth doing, there is only one MAN for the job, that MAN is GB05 STE and its jockey Steve Marsh. So over to Huddesfield on Tuesday load up and then start heading South in the afternoon. Reaching Dover Tuesday late afternoon onto a ferry and onward to Genoa, Italy. Genoa was reached on Thursday afternoon ready to catch an evening sailing to Porto Torres. As always with these Mediterean ferry’s there is hardly room to swing the proverbial cat!!

Steve Marsh - Sardignia

Steve Marsh - Sardignia

Friday morning its off the boat at Porto Torres and delivery was to the same town, so all done and tipped at the refinery by lunch time. Really I’m sure it was a harder job than it sounds but then Marshy is such an old hand at the job it probably comes that easy these days. So as a reward in the life of the international lorry driver, Marshy gets to spend the rest of the day lounging about in Sardinia, this is when all good drivers get there push bike out and go exploring.

Steve Marsh - Sardinia

Steve Marsh - Sardinia

Back on the boat to Genoa on Friday night and get a few hours up the road in Italy before the weekend driving ban came into force in Italy. So from Genoa its up to Trento to park up for the rest of the weekend ready for a reload on Monday morning. Reloaded Monday and that’s it, run back to Blighty, funnily enough on this trip it was back to the start as the reload was bound for Huddersfield.

Steve Marsh - Sardinia

The bumper on the little MAN may be showing her age a little, but she still clocks up similar mileage each week to those international drivers with bigger trucks carrying more weight. It may be a small truck but it definitely rolls like a big truck, in fact it probably goes to more places than the bigger ones due to its size. Any way I’m getting all romantic, so thanks again to Mr marsh for his photos and I hope those of you who are also fans of the Marsh MAN have enjoyed a quick trip to the Med. Hopefully their wont be such a long wait for the next trip with GB05 STE……hey steve??  – email;


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