Help For Fellow Trucker


I like to help when I can, so when asked if I can advertise a small model collection for sale I though well why not. Ally Shaw needs to sell off his collection of models for personal reasons, so if you are that way inclined and like me you have a room full of models please feel free to contact Ally directly. Over to Ally:

I have a selection of models I would like to sell may I advertise them on Truckblog , If so I will forward you the details there is a mixture of Tekno , Search Impex and Corgi , the reason being is because of my health , I would like to see them go to good homes and not end up being toys to be played with .


= Nr 96 Shore Porters, Aberdeen Scania .£100.00
= Nr 76 V.G Mathers, Kintore , Aberdeenshire , Scania 143 topline ( box autographed by Mr Vic Mathers ) .£100.00


= Nr CC14801 – Scania 113 /143 Mc Gawns Bros of Maybole Scotland .£40.00
= Nr CC12420- Volvo FH 460+ Fridge Van Scotlee Int Transport , Irvine , Scotland.£40.00
= Nr CC12220- Scania P Cab + Fridge Van , Gray & Adams , Fraserburgh.£40.00
= Nr CC99192 – Haig Transport Set Volvo FH + Skeltel Trailer /Renult Premium + Curtiansider , Bellshill Scotland.£70.00

Search Impex

= Nr 113018 – Scania Topline R Series+ Curtainsider Grampian International , Aberdeen . £80.00
= Nr 112405- Volvo FH + Fridge Van , G&J Jack , Fraserburgh .£80.00
= Nr 113041- Volvo FH + Fridge Van , Whitelink Seafoods , Fraserburgh .£80.00
= Nr 113257- Volvo FH + Flat Trailer Sheeted Load . V.G. Mathers Ltd , Kintore , Aberdeenshire . £80.00

I think the above prices are pretty close to being reasonable in todays market , if I was offered very close to the asking price for some of them I may negotiate .

I can be contacted on 07706 238747 or email:

Kind Regards

Ally Shaw.











2 thoughts on “Help For Fellow Trucker

  1. Wow! Ally I know you said that you would prefer for these trucks not to be used as toys but they are really tempting for exactly this purpose. Reminds me of when I was a kid, really cool trucks!


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