I Need Help….


….finding this old girl. I put a thing on here a few months back and there were various Facebook threads about this Scania Centurian and where she is now. I have to say I’ve sort of lost the thread and I’m not 100% sure what the outcome was. So if you know the where abouts of J88 VJP please email me: ben@truckblog.co.uk even if you don’t know then just email me your photos of her or the sister truck. I am told this photo was taken on a farm in Monmouthshire, but I don’t think it’s there anymore. Over to you…..

9 thoughts on “I Need Help….

  1. Hi I may be able to help you find no88 I used to drive it on Newport dock. I live in monmouthshire and know a lot of farmers. Just need a bit more info. Would be great to see it back on the road.


  2. Hi Richard did you drive it for Andy and Barry Lovell? I was following the thread on Facebook (Scania centurion) for this and it said turning by May hill pub (hotel)where stelrads place used to be! Now I’ve been on net all night and found it to be hadnock rd Monmouth and there is a farm up the end called hadnock court farm so maybe it was there!


    • Yes it did or it could of been it’s sister j44 shh. They where the livery of all the fleet. I had the pleasure of working n both of them when they were brand new & won awards at truckfest . Steve Holme drove 88 & Ronny Webster drove 44
      They were twins


  3. That was J88SHH. My Dad, Peter Nickell bought the truck when it was around 6 months old. He sold it when it was around 2 years old to another owner driver in the South East. I think it was then registered J88JBL. Some time later Barry Lovell got hold of it with the number J88VJP. With all the restorations that seem to be happening someone really needs to get hold of this and work some magic. It really it to good to rot away. Thanks Tim


  4. Insist be chatting to a fella who reckons he owned this for some time
    He’s from Durham way called Jimmy
    His wife bought it for him as a surprise off scania’s at purfleet and he sold it back to them some years later
    Reckoned he’s been everywhere In it Turkey etc
    Said was a great truck and gutting to see it as it is now apparently he did look into buying off this fella but he has no interest in selling it


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