SCOOP!! New Mercedes Benz Atego is Here

New Mercedes Benz Atego

Finally the new member of the all new Mercedes Benz line up I have been waiting for! I can’t say too much about it apart from what has been released in the press release today. I LOVE IT! The joys of “Cut & Paste” will become apparent right now – from the MB press release:

With the arrival of the new Atego, the medium-duty short-radius distribution truck in the 6.5 t to 16 t GVWR segment, the new truck generation from Mercedes-Benz is now complete. In appearance, too, the new Atego fits neatly into a line-up that already includes the Mercedes-Benz Actros, Antos and Arocs model series. A new bumper design with integrated daytime running lamps (an LED version is available as an option) defines the characteristic face of the Atego and, for all its clear individual identity, marks it out immediately as a member of today’s Mercedes-Benz truck family.

Inside the Atego cab, the driver will find a completely redesigned interior with a cockpit design that, in terms of styling and functionality, has been aligned with that of the Actros, Antos and Arocs. The central instrument with its large, clear graphic display, a multifunction steering wheel as standard – optionally available in leather, seats in a new design featuring integrated head restraints and armrests (in conjunction with Mercedes PowerShift 3) and a one-piece 7-zone cold foam mattress as an option are just a few examples of what to expect in the new Atego. To cope with the challenges posed by the growing complexity of short-radius distribution operations, the new Atego offers the possibility of integrating multimedia devices, along with the added functionality provided by the new electric/electronics concept.

With a comprehensive range of improvements to its chassis, rear suspension and cab mounting, along with a new steering system, the new Atego sets new standards for driving dynamics, handling safety and comfort. A total of 42 different model variants, covering a wide range of wheelbase lengths, three cab lengths and all-wheel-drive versions, meet all customer needs and requirement profiles in the short-radius distribution segment.

New Mercedes Benz Atego

New Mercedes Benz Atego

New Mercedes Benz Atego

■ Seven Euro VI engines with four or six cylinders and between 115 kW (156 hp) and 220 kW (299 hp), delivering significantly improved economy

■ Redesigned comfort cab provides a workplace with perfect ergonomics for the driver in four different variants

■ Stability Control Assist and daytime running lamps as standard

■ New Mercedes PowerShift 3 eight-speed automatic transmission for engines from 175 kW (238 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp)

■ Optional permanent magnet retarder provides wear-free braking as further support to new exhaust brake

■ New suspension combines maximum handling safety with good comfort

■ Extends benchmark position in the segment from 6.5 t to 16 t perm. GVW

The fourth and last member of the Mercedes-Benz truck family to undergo a complete makeover is the new Mercedes-Benz Atego with Euro VI, now coming on stage to continue its successful career as a bestseller in the short-radius distribution segment from 6.5 to 16 t permissible gross vehicle weight (perm. GVW).

This new version of the European market-leading Mercedes-Benz Atego retains its benchmark position in the light- and medium weight truck segment with regard to quality, reliability, repair and maintenance costs as well as durability. Indeed, this lead has now been extended even further by the introduction of numerous innovations in relation to the drive system, chassis and cab.

New Mercedes Benz Atego

New Mercedes Benz Atego

New Mercedes Benz Atego

To see some more press photos from the Daimler Group, please click HERE.
I can’t wait to see this little beauty, but then again by noow you should have all worked out that I am probably the only truckie who loves Tonka toys more than thumping great artics. Any way hopefully i’ll bring you more on the New Atego over the next few months. Thanks Mercedes Benz….

2 thoughts on “SCOOP!! New Mercedes Benz Atego is Here

  1. Need brochure and price quatation CIF Freetown for the undermentioned specification.
    Skip loader multi purpose. Left hand drive. Power steering. 4×2 rear axle drive. Three persons sitting capacity. water cooled, four – stroke cycle diesel engine. hydraulic lifting/tipping gear with control system. Lifting capacity 8,000 kg minimum. payload of fully equiped and loaded truck. 10,500 kg minimum. Rear axle rating 10,000kg apprx.
    Heavy-duty all steel constructed frame to be reinforced with cross members.Front towing hook. Front steel bumper.
    Power assisted hydraulic actuan service brakes built into all four wheels. foot operated engine brake.etc


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