Activ Once Again…..

Activ Cars - Mini Artic

Way back in the day I used to get rather excited at the sight of a little silver German mini artic. These little wonders are in particularly operated by Activ Cars GMBH from Achim, Bremen, Germany. Now and again i’d catch one on its way to or from Harwich on my way to work. I’ve not seen one for a while and after Activ Cars German HQ said they would send me some fleet photos around Christmas 2011 but never did, the little Germans have taken a bit of a quiet back seat. From blog favourite to blog back burner. That was until this week………

Activ Cars - Mini Artic

That was until Wednesday this week when I received an email from Blogger X. I know him as Blogger X so thats what we’ll call him. Now BX may have a regular slot on the blog if these shots are anythinng to go by. BX works at a company in North Wales that receive weekly deliveries from Activ Cars vehicles. Blogger X has said he will send some photos when ever one arrives, which i’m hoping may be weekly. BX sounds like he may be a keen photographer as he said he was hoping to get a photo of the above Mercedes Vario as it drove along but it arrived before he was ready…..I think we can let him off as it is his first attempt! Below is a fully liveried Activ Atego at its German base. Keep your pics coming Blogger X.

Activ Cars

If you spot one of these little Mini Artics make sure you grab a pic and email it through to the blog,

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