Self Tipping Task

Tasker - Bradford to Australia!!

It must be something that others drivers can only imagine, a trailer that you can truly tip yourself. Turn up where ever and just get on and tip, no waiting for a forklift, no waiting for loading bays or for the truck in front to move, just find your space an start unloading. This trailer is know as a recovery trailer in the business, although HC Wilson do utilise its capabilities to do specialised jobs, such as this. You have a specially built trailer that is destined for a customer in Australia and its not designed to run on UK roads and you don’t want it to run on UK roads you need some one who can load and deliver said trailer. Bring in a semi low loader trailer with a hydraulic fold neck and Robert is your mothers brother. As clearly displayed by HC Wilson’s top subbie MW Tasker (p.s. displayed on this occasion by a rather splendid R560 V8 Scania!).

Tasker - Bradford to Australia!!

1) Trailer dropped and after pressing the button the neck folds flat to the ground creating a very handy loading ramp.

Tasker - Bradford to Australia!!

2) Reverse tractor unit up the “loading ramp”. Adjust tractor unit front and rear suspension and hook up to the Ozzie tanker.

Tasker - Bradford to Australia!!

3) Drive carefully off the fold neck and Voila! Unloaded easily and with no sign of the usual loading bay jobs worth who is there just to make your day!!

Tasker - Bradford to Australia!!

Tasker - Bradford to Australia!!

As it goes I think the outfit looks pretty dam cool! I can see Tasker pulling this along the dusty highways and byways of Oz. The only bugger being its only one trailer, i’m not sure if there is a tow hitch to fit a 2nd trailer which would be more Taskers thing!

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