Wilson Wednesday – The Saturday Edition!

N200 HCW

Hi remember me??? I’m back the blogs are mounting but I just can’t get them on here ;-(  just not enough hours in the day, so i’m sorry. I don’t think i’ll be getting my MBE for services to blogging just yet. This Wednesday parts of the UK were treated to a decent enough scattering of snow to send the Countries roads into total chaos once again. Much like Christmas it seems to be an annual event. Luckily enough for me it led to a few un-asked for and a few asked for HC Wilson photos. For those of you who are new to the blog I used to work for HC Wilson and since I’ve left I still often get sent photos from the drivers. As a bit of a tribute I often get photos of Wednesday loads. Why Wednesdays?? Coz it sounds good – Wilson Wednesday. First up above is the “spare” Classic Scania V8, N200 HCW. Driven this Wednesday by office junior and Truckblogs show reporter, James Cartwright. James is often allowed out on a Wednesday and this week did a little shunt from Felixstowe to St Ives near Cambridge to deliver another load of next years Balers. Balers in the snow, only in the UK!

Daisy & Doris - Double DAFs with 1020hp!!

Next up is Doris, Daisy, Geoff and Slim not quite John, Paul, George and Ringo but pretty close. Loaded in the middle of Germany and on their way to Rotterdam for the boat to Felixstowe and onward delivery to St Ives. Daisy and Doris are a fine pair of top of the range Dutch ladies. I think i’m right in saying they are both DAF XF105’s with 510hp. Also some of you may not know they are both 6×2’s, they have the little FTP lift axle behind the side skirt in front of drive axle, just to help with a little extra weight (Usually Geoffs lunch box!). Daisy and Doris are also the first trucks in the Wilson fleet not to have a name starting with “European…..” a rarity in the Wilson fleet.



Above is blog regular Geordie driving R60 HCW, his beloved Scania R480. Here with what looks likes some sort of dish end. Loaded in Massbracht, Netherlands on Tuesday, shipped into Harwich and delivered to Yate near Bristol, UK on Wednesday. Looks like it was getting on for being 4 metres wide. European Star and its grill lights shining on through the dull, grey snowy skies, helped with marker boards and an escort van piloted by Dodgy Dave.

X400 HCW

Such a clear photo taken by X400 HCW’s driver Matt Lamb. One of Wilsons low height 6×2 Scania R480’s. Also managing to find some snow in Weimar, Germany. I’m sure Matt had no troubling loading his pair of dumpers looking at those tyres!!

Tasker - Bradford to Australia!!

Last but not least was full time Wilson subbie Mike Tasker and his gorgeous (but dirty!) Scania R560. Tasker had loaded from Bradford with a specialised gas tanker destined for Australia. I’m sure Mike would have been only to happy to take it all the way himself, but unfortunately he only took it as far as Southampton Docks. I’m not going to say to much more other than, keep your eyes peeled for a little blog all about this one on its own. Thanks once again to all participating drivers for letting us all keep an eye on what they are upto.

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