For Sale: Daily Mini Artic


Now and again I put a few things on here I find for sale on the Internet, but this time it’s something that i’ve been emailed this weekend. As far as i’m concerned it qualifies for “truckblog” as it is a tractor unit and trailer. Stuart Beevers, from what appears to be his own company, SPB Boat Haulage emailed me asking if I knew of anyone looking for a mini artic. Unfortunately I don’t off hand but i’m hoping that one of you lot does.


Mr Beevers said the following in his email; “I have a I Iveco Daily 2006 mini artic for sale. It was a crew cab but now converted to a sleeper cab but could quite easily be put back to crew cab as all seats included. Only 60.000km. 2009 rm trailer 6700kg built to move boats but has a remove able alloy flat bed which can carry cars or pallets any thing I am after £26000. P.s it’s does 25mpg empty @4.5t train weight and 18/19 mpg full 10t train weight and only costs £165 a year tax.”

If you have any interest then please email me: and I will gladly put you in touch with Stuart. Perhaps I need to get myself into boat haulage so I can finally get a mini artic!


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