Swains Super 141

Swains of Stretton Scania 141 Drawbar

This rather tasty Scania 141 was spotted by various people last weekend heading up and down between Church Stretton, Shropshire and Ayr, Scotland. Last weekend was the annual Ayr Road Run. These pics were taken by Tim Cotton in a very damp Lymm Truckstop as the truck was making it’s way North. A few years back I remember talking with Steve Swain and one of his drivers, Mick, about the whole 141 thing. At the time Steve Swain (son of Swains of Stretton) was buying a double bed cabbed 141 that had been stored on Norfolk Scania man, Geoff Warrens farm. As we were talking about his purchase my 141 was nearing completion and Steve told me about the project for a Swains of Stretton 141 drawbar. I also seem to remember talking about getting the drawbar trailer back from Germany. My memory is all a little sketchy, but if you can add any thing or fill in any gaps then please leave comments below or send me an email with your pics.
You can’t deny that this could be one of the most authentic looking 141’s I think I have seen in the last few years, it really looks the biz. Be good to hear a bit more about it….over to you….

Swains of Stretton Scania 141 Drawbar

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