Comedy Classics Now Flipping Burgers

Ex Gill DAF XF - "Comedy Classics"

We all remember the airbrushed fleet of Roy Gill. Firstly some beautiful Scania’s then he moved on to the DAF’s. The Lady Diana Truck, Comedy Classics and A Question of Sport to name but a few. All good trucks come to a sad end?? True or not a lot of well know trucks disappear never to be seen again, even with a snazzy paint job. This ex Roy Gill DAF tractor unit has been chopped and stretched to accommodate a fridge body to supply its accompanying burger van. A sad end you think for a DAF show stand truck, well may be so but recently I did see the DAF 85 stable mate, “Question of Sport” up for sale in Truck Trader or something in an advert placed by one of the hundreds of truck exporters. Now to me that’s a little sad as it just means no one cares about a once loved truck that was a bit special. Once it arrives in the exporters yard it just becomes another set of wheels heading off into the sunset, no longer a celebrity of the UK trucking world.

Hey Ho, this truck was spotted by eagle eyed HC Wilson driver Gareth Rowlands at the World Hotrod Championships held in Ipswich recently. Probably the best looking fast food support truck you will ever see!

Ex Gill DAF XF - "Comedy Classics"

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