How often does one website highly recommend another website that could be consider direct competition??….. Not very often is the answer your looking for. There seems to be a huge hump for many interwebbers to get over, that being sharing stuff! Even down to photo’s on the World Wide WWW Web, we all know people who get the hump when their photo’s are used by some one else. I understand this gripe and it can be annoying, but if we are happy to put our photo’s on the net for millions to see what more do we expect?! Surely its a kind of honour if others want to copy and use own our pics/vids?? Any way I digress. I came across Mr Vernon’s website this week after a recommendation from some one, but I can’t for the life of me remember who! Lorry-driver.com is basically all about Luke Vernon’s daily trials and tribulations of being an international lorry driver for Irish firm Virginia Transport, piloting his Scania across Europe from Norway to Spain and further.

lv 2

What really kept my interest was Luke’s Youtube Channel. When I was a driving all of modern technologies were just coming to fruition and I did make a couple of videos while driving but nothing like Luke’s. If you like simple long distance diaries or just driving, his videos are for you. I watched his most recent one which was a trip to Denmark (Bertie Goes Home).There are 3 years worth to trawl through, which is surely enough to keep you entertained on your nights out. The video below is the first one Luke put on Youtube and I have watched it myself. I love it because in my too short driving career I never got to drive across the Alps, so watching this gives me a Darn good idea on what i’ve missed out on. I’ll be posting various vids from Luke’s archives on here and hopefully from now-ish onwards i’ll post up ALL new one’s. Sit back, relax and enjoy Luke’s diaries.

Over the Alps in 8 minutes. From Torino to near Lyon via Frejus tunnel in time lapse.

4 thoughts on “www.lorry-driver.com

  1. Lukes videos are quality! What with his sidekick Sir Bertie being a miserable git! Luke still manages to produce a great quality video while working his full time job! A top driver! IMHO! 🙂 #ONWARD>>>


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