MAN Makes New Friends

Finland - 21/05/2012

What happens on sunny Mondays in Suomi? It seems the answer is meet up with other Western Europeans heading home. Our little friend Steve Marsh has this week been to Pori, Finland (yes really, I know he has just come back from Cyprus…some people get all the glory!). After receiving his email looking for a reload, I had to admit that i’m not that big in Finland. The only person I could think of was Dutch long haul trucking legend, Frank Hoogenboom and his beautiful black V8 Scania. Mr Hoogenboom spends his weeks taking flowers from the Netherlands to St Petersburg, then he reloads in Finland on the way home. I sent Frank a message telling him about Marshy, but unfortunately the message got a bit lost in translation, so Steve Marsh headed to Finnlines Helsinki Port to ship back empty to Travermunde, Germany.

Low and behold I then receive this picture message from Marshy. It turns out he parked up next to Frank waiting for the ship. I dare say Frank noticed the TB sticker on the little MAN and a new friendship was born…..ha ha ha I make myself laugh! Any way, Marshy was gutted that when he checked the photo and it was blurry, but on this occasion I really like the effect. I better also mention the white Scania in the middle is also Dutch and I think it’s driven by Henk Prins. The little MAN would give the big Scania’s a run for there money mileage wise I reckon, although I think the big black V8 may have a coat or 2 more polish on it than the little MAN! 😉

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