Water Good Idea!!

Water on Wheels

Not my title, but it is a good one! In these times of water shortages across the Southern part of the country, the North West have their own crack team, to help them through tough teams when water is in emergency supply. More from cracked pipes and problems rather than a shortage from Mother Nature. I was contacted to see if I wanted to put a piece on the blog to tell all about The Water on Wheels team and I felt it made a good little story so here it is;

Homeowners across the North West might not realise it, but over the past year they could have been among the 250,000 people who’ve been ‘rescued’ by an unlikely team of heroes – six ‘water truckers’. This crack team of H20 heroes operates United Utilities’ ‘Water on Wheels’ service – a fleet of bespoke Volvo 30,000ltr super tankers that travel to affected areas and pump water directly into the mains to ensure that properties continue to receive an ‘on tap’ service while repairs are carried out. Last year alone the water truckers, who service the entire region – from Crewe to Carlisle, helped keep over a quarter of a million people in full flow by pumping 24,770,000 litres of water into the system. The service has been so successful that United Utilities is to invest over £1million in six new 30,000ltr tankers for the fleet, a move that will enable the water truckers to mobilise almost half a million litres of water when needed.

For Emergency Plant Resource Co-ordinator John Doyle and his team of six super operatives, the investment is welcome news. He said: “The new kit means we are better equipped than ever before to provide help where it’s needed. Just recently our team kept five tankers pumping into the network for over 48 hours following a burst aqueduct in Rivington. Around 5,000 local people were kept on tap throughout and were unaware of any issue.

“These six guys travel the length and breadth of the North West with the Water on Wheels trucks, making sure that communities, hospitals, schools and businesses remain in full flow, even if their mains supply is undergoing repair work. We’re a bit like the emergency service nobody knows about.”

Water on Wheels

If thats not enough, then you can always have a little look at the video. I have to say at the time of writing this I haven’t watched it, but I will get round to it sooner or later!!

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