Wilson Wednesday!!


Finally i’ve got round do doing as my wife said. “Do a Wilson Wednesday!” that’s what she’s been saying, so as all good men do, I listened to what she said. Two weeks ago I asked a random selection of HC Wilson drivers to send me a photo of what ever they had on that Wednesday, they duly obliged. Then because of holiday build up, I was useless and didn’t get round to doing the blog. While I was on holiday last week I got a few more photos sent over and because of no Internet in the Yorkshire Dales I couldn’t do the blog last week either. This week it’s game on!!

So the idea was really just a pictorial blog with pics of what the HC Wilson boys were doing on Wednesdays. Why Wednesday the simpler of you are asking?? Because “Wilson Wednesday” sounds better than “Wilson Thursday!”. The only thing being I can’t remember which photo is from which Wednesday. Above is SW51 HCW loaded with a JCB excavator, from driver James Cartwright (note the TB sticker in the windscreen).


Next Is R60 HCW with NB30, a 3 axle Nooteboom lowloader, loaded with what looks like an empty container handler. Thanks to Geordie for this one.

WIL 2218 + WIL 2219

Double DAF power next. Both WIL 2218 & WIL 2219 loaded 22m long Rail Lines in Luxembourg for the UK. Both these 2 DAF’s are soon to replaced by new DAF XF105’s, hopefully some photos will come this way when they are road ready (hint hint). Drivers Ian “Slim” Godfrey and the always happy Geoff Tarbun.

WIL 2218 + WIL 2219


This is V8 HCW with rather a large flat-rack on, i’m guessing heading in or out of Felixstowe. Gareth Rowlands at the helm, with Dodgy Dave Escorting.

Following the Black V8

I like this one, another James Cartwright photo. He spent all day following Taskers big black V8 Scania to Luckau to load crane parts. I like the honesty as he had no load to photograph so it’s a true pic of his days work. Nice one.

Y171 OBJ Scania 144 530 V8

You will all recognise Tony Nunns ever-shiny 4 Series Scania. Pulling for Wilsons, a backload of auction equipment. How is it that a hard working truck, never, never seems to look any older??!


Another shot of R60 HCW, a credit to driver Stephen Pattison, or as everyone knows him, Geordie. Guess where he’s from?!

Finally we have 2 photos that aren’t true Wednesday pics, but for all I know they could have been taken on Wednesdays. 1st up is Geoff Tarbun’s Cuban Classic, very tidy Geoffrey. Looks like it only carries human cargo these days.

Cuban Wednesday

Finally my old bossman, GW, has been to Florida and as you can expect from a truck loving, haulage company owner, what else would he take in his holiday snaps?? You guessed it, an all America RED Peterbilt with a low-boy trailer complete with excavator load. All thats missing is the big white W on the front!

Florida Trucking By Graham Wilson

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