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New EST Trucks

Before the holiday I put up a blog called “Rock Group” about the new EST trucks I saw at my local DAF dealer alongside the new Transam Trucking ones. All the same spec, I am actually really pleased to see that Transam will be keeping the EST brand going. Asking you lot for more info, one Adrian Cooper, has left the following comment, that is just to good for a mere comment, so i’ve honoured it with it’s own blog, and there’s a question that need’s answering too;

“Hi Ben,
As a fairly recent new reader of your site, very good by the way, I thought you might be interested in information I have found regarding the Transam Trucking/EST.
EST got into trouble about 15 months ago, and were about to go into receivership/liquidation. At the last minute, the later the cheaper I assume, Transam took over and agreed to take the business over and keep the name going. I am not sure if they will keep a presence in London, but shortly after Transam applied to increase the number of vehicles on their licence and also to move to a new site on the old airfield at Eye Suffolk. I assume near truck dealer Roy Humphries.
Since I finished working, I have not been past the above site so not sure whether or not it is operational.
Something some fellow bloggers may be able to answer, but up until recently Transam had megabox trailers. About a year ago, they introduced mega curtainsiders trailers. To my simple mind why? I would have thought trucking stage equipment, lighting booms etc would be safer in a box trailer. Is it because you can use a fork lift to load said items from the side so you save time and less roadies required? Be interesting to know why. Regards Adrian”

"The Legend Lives On!"


7 thoughts on “Transam Trucking / Edwin Shirley Trucking

  1. the curtainsiders were brought for specific jobs, they have been used in the past for larger stages, but they wont be replacing the box trailers


  2. Hi, does paul Bailey still work for you folks, i,m an old pal trying to track him down, if so please pass on my e, thanks very much


  3. Hi it is a shame about EST, I worked for them in 1990 and found them a good company to work for, I never did anything with Transam or stage trucks but we did bump into each other around Europe.
    Edwin was a corrector, and if I recall there was Del Roll and Ollie Kite in the management team, and Elvis with 2 dogs as one of the drivers I got to know. Edwin used to own a hotel on the south coast also, but he could not keep a car on the road as he kept smashing them up, the good old days of rock and role.


  4. Hi. I am very happy ” Edwin Shirley trucking ” has survived, Edwin would be very happy if he is looking down from the great GIG in the sky. Cheers Derek.


  5. Hi. I am very happy Edwin Shirley trucking has survived,Edwin would be very pleased if he is Looking down from the great gig in the sky. Cheers derek


  6. nothing but respect for EST. I got to know them whilst rigging for B.Adams in Cardiff. Great company. They also supported me whilst i had an issue, as i was also a temporary driver with a rival company. That resulted in me contacting T.R.U.Co. Well all is well now and everyones standards have improved. U overstand?


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