A Fond Farewell to H.C. Wilson Transport

31st March 2012 (2)

I’m back! I know I haven’t been on here much in the last week but that is mainly due to the news that it has been my last week at H.C. Wilson Transport. I have been offered a new job and a new challenge, a little closer to home. It will soon become clear who I will be working for from tomorrow. Until then i just wanted to say a huge thank you to all at Wilson’s and especially to GW and SW for everything they have done for me in the last 4 years I have been there. I just wanted to leave a small photographic tribute to a professional company that clearly have the ability to change with the times and keep the wheel of international abnormal transport turning.

31st March 2012 (16)

Yesterday (Saturday) was my last morning. We had a busy week last week and I had a trainee to look after, so as I was working the Saturday, it made sense to save the desk clearing exercise for the weekend rather than try and do it on a busy Friday afternoon. I had one last wander round the yard and took some pics as my fond farewell (careful i’m getting a dry throat!). I’m not going to say to much more, but I will say one more last big Thank You to all at Wilsons. I’m sure we’ll meet again some sunny day………

31st March 2012 (23)

31st March 2012 (18)

31st March 2012 (20)

You have to agree the big red Scania’s are quite photogenic. I have avoided putting to much Wilson stuff on the blog as it would be very easy to flood the blog with stuff about the company I am working for. From now on I can freely put on here what I like without worrying about doing to much Wilson! In fact my lovely wife has suggested that we do a “Wilson Wednesday”, so for any of you Wilson drivers or spotters, if you want to text me or email me your weekly Wilson photos, we can do a regular “Wilson Wednesday” feature. My email is; ben@truckblog.co.uk

31st March 2012 (12)

31st March 2012 (10)

31st March 2012 (6)

31st March 2012 (27)

31st March 2012 (28)

31st March 2012 (29)

As a final farewell, as one last request and as an ode to the happyiest, constantly cheery, always tanned, cake loving, driver you’d be lucky enough to meet, Mr Geoff Tarbun, I’ll end with his DAF, WIL 2219.

31st March 2012 (5)

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