Maiden Trip to Sydney

Maiden Trip to Sydney from Julian Baker

Remember our Ozzie reporter Julian Baker, based in Seymour, Victoria (down near Melbourne). Julian has now got his new UD mini artic on the road. It has taken a few weeks of converting a rigid chassis into a tractor unit and adding all the bits and bobs before finally getting the new motor on the road.

Maiden Trip to Sydney from Julian Baker

The first trip for the little beaut was a steady trip loaded up with a full load of 6 vehicles.

Load Point: Melbourne, Victoria, Oz.
Delivery Point: Sydney, New South Wales, Oz.
Distance: 870ish Kilometres

What more is there to do, but hit the road Jack! So off Julian went. Heading towards the home of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge Sydney is quite an impressive 1st destination in my book. In a new truck you want to get the first trip under your belt, so after 500km where better to stop than the The Dog on The Tuckerbox near Gundagai. Being a famous place for travellers to stop as its a statue tribute to all Pioneers, Julian could resist stopping on his way past. I dare say the food is pretty good too!

Maiden Trip to Sydney from Julian Baker

Maiden Trip to Sydney from Julian Baker

By all accounts it sounds the little UD has been well specced as it coped with the trip to Sydney with no problems. I asked Julian what he did after tipping in Sydney;

“I actually spent a week working locally in Sydney Ben. The ships carrying the cars no longer come in into Sydney Harbour, that stopped about 10 years ago. Instead they Dock at Port Kembla at Wollongong. Ceva Logistics (who Julian pulls for) has its own yard integrated into the Port Kembla wharf complex and we do direct deliveries from there of Mazda’s and Subaru’s, as well as general wharf cartage from the wharf itself to distributors of other product i.e. BMW’s. So I spent a week in Chateau UD and did local deliveries into Sydney from Wollongong.There is a nasty climb out of Wollongong, Mt Ousley (click HERE for a rough Map “B” is the climb, it’s worth looking on Street View to see just how steep it is!). It certainly tests any truck, let alone my little banger with 6 cars on. One load was BMW’s: an X5, X6, two X3s and two X1s. I would have been right up on my max GCM, back into second gear, but the heavier drive line in the little UD handled it no worries :-)) Headed back to Seymour on the Friday after a profitable and enjoyable week mate!!:-))”

Lets just hope the Little Banger as Julian calls it, has started as it means to carry on. Hard working, reliable and earning money!! Also can you beat this photo?? The new tractor unit parked and posing underneath Sydney Harbour bridge. As you can see the trailer has been dropped off, i’m guessing it’s not the kind of place you want to be taking a trailer of any size, come to think of it you might not be allowed to take your trailer in.

Maiden Trip to Sydney from Julian Baker

Do you want to share a maiden voyage in your new truck?? Email me; –  See if  you can get your new beast in an impressive location and send me a photo.

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