More Un-Seen Blasts from The Past from The Cannon

……Peter Cannon that is, of Astran fame. Peter has been sending through a few of his favourite photo’s from his years at Astran.


Some of you will recognise this photo. Taken in Pakistan on the far side of the Khyber Pass, another version of this photo, taken a bit to the left, features in the Astran almanack, The Long Haul Pioneers. If you haven’t already bought one, you do need a copy so get buying. Speaking of the Khyber Pass, here is a great shot of the perfect place for bandito’s to hide!

The Khyber Pass

While we’re on the Pakistani tourism desk, this is a great shot of what was then called the Attock Bridge. Being the inquisitive chap that I am, I got onto the Google Map and finally found the bridge. These days its now called The Old Bridge as there is a new modern bridge to cope with the greater flow of traffic I guess.



Next in the unseen archive is Astran driver John Frost, shovel in hand, having just fitted the snow chains to one of the pink ladies. I’m not to sure where this is, but i’m sure some of you will know. **28/02/12 – Admin: I have since learned that this is actually one of Gordon Pearces photos.**




These 3 photos are all of AMY 147H, Peter’s regular truck. All taken at various places across Turkey. A hard working girl was AMY, she certainly got around and did her bit to get Astran the name they achieved. Not having my copy of LHP to hand, I think I am right in saying she was the first Astran truck to go to Pakistan. I’ll check that when I get home!
Perhaps AMY 147H, a Scania 110,  is a good candidate for the next model in the Astran series of Tekno models?? If you agree, leave a comment below. In fact if you have a suggestion for the next model in the series leave your ideas in the comments box and i’ll make sure Kevin at Astran gets to see them all.
Thanks again to Peter Cannon for the photo’s hopefully there will be more to come. If you have any of your own photos you want to share on the blog, then email me at

5 thoughts on “More Un-Seen Blasts from The Past from The Cannon

  1. Great pictures of the good old days Peter.The photo of John Frost with the “pink lady” was taken by me.It was on the road south from Agri going towards Van.At least we avoided Tahir.


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