DAF (mini) Super Space Cab


A few months back when I was looking about for little lorry’s, I came across this little big cabbed DAF LF. The 1st truck I bought was the predecessor of the LF a 45. Although I always bang on about the MAN TGL, I do like DAF’s version of a little big truck. The only problem with the DAF is that they don’t do their own big cab, you can select a sleeper cab, but it’s a good old fashioned standard height cab and a single bunk. Where as the Germans have perfected the mini space cab, with big bunks, high roofs and enough room to stand up in and put your trousers on in the morning. In fact both German options share their space cabs with bigger tractor units. I have often wondered why DAF haven’t given a factory built big space cab option for the LF range. After all they have excelled with the XF Super Space Cab and you would have thought that they would be keen to produce a mini version. Instead if you want a Super Space Cabbed LF you have to have a Hatcher high roof conversion. The Hatcher Components website in all honesty is beginning to be very dated and isn’t all that great at telling you what you want to know. I think I am right in saying that they do 2 high roof extensions for the LF DAF. A Sky Cab like the one in the picture above, or a Semi Sky Cab which isn’t quite as tall, obviously.

Any way this little DAF was for sale with my friend Mick at Moody International, but as usual I missed the boat and this little beauty had already been sold. I think the truck was originally part of the David G Davies fleet from Glossop, but it is now part of the Frank Hudson clan from Bishop Auckland. The truck as it is in the picture above, is how it was when it left the David G Davies fleet, but since joining the customised fleet of Frank Hudson Transport it has had a few tweaks and now looks like this……

Frank Hudson DAF 45

Just as smart if not smarter. You have to agree that is a smart looking truck and I bet, no I guarantee it works just as hard, does just just as many miles and more than likely makes more of a profit than its big brother, the DAF XF105. So why don’t DAF make thier own big little lorry?? My guess is that they aim the LF at the day cab and odd night out market and leave the long distance mini trucking to the likes of the Mercedes Atego High Roof Sleeper Cab and the MAN TGL LX. I would like to urge DAF that their must be a market for a factory built high roof sleeper version of the LF otherwise, why would Hatcher bother making the conversion??

Any-hoo something to ponder on. I’ll leave you with a couple more pics of this DAF LF Sky Cab. The pics are courtesy of one of it’s current pilots, Lewis Blakey at Frank Hudson (o the marvels of Facebook!). Note the front and rear Kelsa light bars.

Frank Hudson DAF 45

Frank Hudson DAF 45

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