Toprun = Top Photos

When you think of top trucking photo’s there really are only 2 sites worth looking at. First up is of course thousands and thousands of Neil Jarrolds own photo’s and a few guest galleries, not alot you can’t find on euro-wheels. Second up is Ferdy De Martins’s website with endless galleries from people of all over the place as well as Ferdy’s own excellent photographic work. I first started looking at years ago and have kept it in my favourites list ever since and I strongly suggest you do the same, so you don’t miss out on trucks like this;

Volvo F1220

These photo’s are Ferdy’s own. This absolutely stunning Swiss Volvo F1220 is now owned by Reto Lendenmann. Reto had driven the truck for 16 years at work, but now he has bought the truck and restored it to a like new condition, to enjoy on the show circuit. I am definately more of a Scania man than Volvo, but anyone has to admit this truck is just, delightful? gorgeous? stunning? what ever word you like it is all of them! To see the truck from inside and out, top to bottom, click HERE to go to the toprun gallery.

Volvo F1220

The tank trailer was borrwed from a friend for the photo shoot, but I have to say I think it’s almost the ideal trailer for the blue Volvo. So if you are stuck for some thing to do, set aside a few hours and type, into your address bar and enjoy the seemingly endless galleries on offer, you will be amazed!!

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