Top 3 Astran Liveried Trucks – JAN 774K

Copyright Of Dick & Cathy Snow

I ran this feature on Twitter a month or so ago and had some interesting come back, so I thought i’d try it on here and see what you have to say. Firstly you need to understand this is a Top 3 Astran Liveried Trucks, in my opinion and in no particular order.

My first choice is an early Scania 140 V8, reg no JAN 774K. Now for those of you you who know me, this may seem like a slightly biased choice as these photo’s of JAN 774K were taken by my relation/uncle Dick Snow, when he was the driver of said truck. I have no idea how long this was Dick’s truck, but it was long enough to take a few good pictures, i’m sure a certain Ashley Coghill could tell us more.

My reasons for this being in my top 3 are mainly coz it is a classic Astran looking truck. In all the pic’s it is always covered in dirt, luggage on the roof rack, the odd unavoidable dent of long distance intercontinental trucking……….hang on i’m getting all romantic again! It’s that thing I always talk about, it’s got that look. It just looks great, like a truck should. I’m all for shiny shiny show condition with all the bling, but a truck in its true work state, always looks cracking to me. Another reson this is a great Astran truck, is that it’s a wagon and drag. Astran were keen on wagin and drags as they did have a few of them (again, Mr Coghill could tell us how many!).

Copyright Of Dick & Cathy Snow

This is another of Snowie’s pics, showing the truck in all it’s glory. It could even be the same trip as the first pic but who knows. I also love Snowies’s outfit, Checked shirt and cordroy trousers and big sun glasses. Another great pic of JAN 774K is the one below. In Ashley’s book, The Long Haul Pioneers, the pic below is said to be part of the Astran collection, but as I have the original in my bedside draw, i’m guessing it’s Dick’s. I could have picked any of the early wagon and drags for the top 3, but I think as I have a slight connection with JAN 774K, it’s the ideal truck. Below you can see the truck in a fairly new condition. I’m guessing Dick must have been driving otherwise he wouldn’t have taken the pic, also as it’s infront of 2 others, it must be Dick as he was always ahead from what I hear!

Copyright Of Dick & Cathy Snow

Who was the tall chap walking beside the trucks? any ideas. In fact looking at the pic again I reckon it could be the trucks 1st trip. Just look how tidy it is. No additional grill mounted spots, fresh-ish paint on the wheels and bumper, the headlight surrounds are still chrome!! I think as it’s an early member of the Astran Fleet. If this pic was on her maiden voyage, it would have been in 1971. All in all I think a good candidate for a top 3 position. If you want to share you own top 3 Astran liveried trucks of all time, then please either leave a comment or send me an email at; keep an eye out for the other 2 trucks in the top 3, they’ll be coming soon, or if you follow the blog on twitter (search for @truckbloguk) you will already know the top 3!!

4 thoughts on “Top 3 Astran Liveried Trucks – JAN 774K

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  3. I do believe that the “tall chap” walking towards the camera beside a line of Astran trucks is …….. ME !!
    This would be I guess early 1972. It is Snowys truck 1st then my truck with the taller trailer 2nd [AMY 147 H]
    Peter Cannon


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