A Trucking Transam Truck Visit

Matt Ireland - Transam Trucking (5)

A week or 2 ago a friend of mine, who goes by the name of Mat Ireland (yes the brother of truckblog writer Nick Ireland), popped into our yard for a quick visit, on his way back to Transam Trucking’s base, with his big black DAF and matching plain black trailer.

Matt Ireland - Transam Trucking (2)

Mat called in to collect an HC Wilson Scania 141 model, a man with good taste. Truck and driver had just returned from a European tour with the band Deftones. They were planned to be home for 4 days before heading back off to Switzerland, the up to Russia for another full European tour with the one and only Britney Spears! I have set Mat a challenge of getting Miss Spears to pose next to the truckblog sticker on the back of his trailer…..He said “That won’t be difficult, i’ll just get her to do it when she’s leaving my cab one morning!” I do like people with a sense of humour!!

Matt Ireland - Transam Trucking (3)

Matt Ireland - Transam Trucking (4)

They often say you can tell a lot about a driver by the inside of his cab. Well I am pleased to say that Mat’s cab lives up to this statement. Everything in its place but with a rock and roll twist! Gig stickers, backstage passes etc etc. The best way to describe it would be like one of those cool old school VW Campers, you know it just looked cool. You can definitely see it’s his home from home, not sure if you can see that from the photo though.

Matt Ireland - Transam Trucking (1)

Not sure if I really want to say this but if you want to send me pics of the inside of your cab and how you make it homely, email them to me at; ben@truckblog.co.uk no yucky ones thankyou!

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