Windy Scania

I often get these Scanis press releases and before now I have never been to sure if I can just copy and paste them on here or if I have to put them into own words?? So I have decided the first option is better for now until someone tells me other wise, why else would you send out press releases if you don’t want people to use them.

The facility, located at Scania’s research and development centre in Södertälje, will be able to simulate realistic environments ranging from dry Arctic cold to humid tropical heat as well as various wind conditions. Air temperatures can be varied from ­–35 to +50 degrees Celsius and relative humidity from 10 to 95 percent. In addition, the facility will be able to simulate wind speeds of as much as 100 kilometres per hour.

Wind tunnel simulation will make Scania’s development work more efficient and flexible while saving the transport, time and resources involved in testing trucks and buses in different climates.

The facility represents a further strengthening of Scania’s research and development department in Södertälje, which today employs 2,700 people. The facility will be completed in March 2013.

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