Competition Time – Dock Spotting

Now this is just a bit of fun for you lot on your 45 minute break perhaps…Any way have a look at picture 1 and 2 and see what you can see, there are some real old gems hidden in the depths of Dover docks. Well know companies, old manufacturers all sorts! I have to admit that the photo’s aren’t that clear, but i think that is down to me not knowing how to work the scanner, so if i get the time i will try and re-scan them to make them clearer. Leave you findings in the comments box below. Try and find the Eastern European truck manufacturer using a Dutch cab, also the yellow Volvo of a Suffolk haulier and finally who is pulling the load of tractors?…………….Happy findings readers. Just a tip if you double click on the picture twice you get a bigger version to at.

Dover Dock 1

Dover Dock 2

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