What is the World Coming To MAN?!

There are many things you can buy on the wonderous ebay, i myself like a little poke around to see what bargains i can find, afterall one man’s junk is another man’s  treasure. Regular reader of the blog, Peter Metcalf, alerted me to this item that surely doesn’t deserve to be auctioned off on the ebay?? This is a real bargain, have a read of the advert and you’ll be convinced that you need to make a bid. My wife has just pulled the laptop away from me, in fear of me making the bid! Click here to go to the advert on ebay, truckblog takes no responsibility for you making a bid!! Also the ad will go out of date shortly so be quick and be aware the link won’t work after the auction end date. In case the auction has finished, here are a couple of pics of the MAN that you missed out on………….. No i haven’t bought it!!

If by magic the sellers (SBI Logistics, Exeter) are reading this, i would love to see the new trucks, withs pics and specs for the readers to enjoy. Any way i hope you get the old one sold, send me an email, ben@truckblog.co.uk

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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