Another Street View Gem!

So there we were talking in the office, the kind of late afternoon office banter that goes on, when you realise its nearly home time but not quite and you have lost the will to live……… the big boss man pipes up and says he followed a Google Street View car on his way home the other night. So we carried on chatting and i ended up searching the net to see what i could find out about being a Street View car driver. Easily distracted by any thing truck (hence the worldwide popularity of the blog!!) i came across a set of map coordinates and a title ofย  “Big Load on Flat Bed Truck”, how could i resist.
So i enter the world of Street View and look for a flatbed of some sort. Looking around i see this below, nice. A tidy International with a flat bed, an empty flat bed!
bridge truck 1.jpg

Anyway, a quick perv at the truck as she passes. Plenty of shiny shiny, those wicked long wheel nut covers, extra lights, nice paint, big single stack……..
bridge truck 2.jpg

Still looks good as she passes further, but still an empty trailer, so where is the Big Load??……..
bridge truck 3.jpg

Trailer looks tidy yes, nice spread axle you cant disagree, but where o where is that Big Load???……… Hang on a minute there is some thing on that there trailer on a bridge in New Orleans on the I10 east bound (and down, la, la, la)…….
bridge truck 4.jpg

HA HA some one some where has a sense of humour! “Big Load on Flat Bed Truck”, yea looks massive at least it’s provided us with some entertainment for 5 minutes, although that is 5 minutes of your life you wont get back……
bridge truck 5.jpg

Any way as i was on the bridge, i thought I’d see what our loaded flatbed was following. A mean looking Freightlinerย pulling concrete pipes. I like the short stacks, i think that’s what gives it the look! I should have put a pic of the pipe lashings instead. The lashings consist of 2 wire ropes running from the front of the trailer to the back, yea length ways. As long as he isn’t heading to Germany he vill be fine Ja!
yellow bridge truck.png

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