New MAN Truck & Bus iPhone / iPad App

Once again MAN are pushing ahead with technology. They are still the only European truck manufacturer who are using the modern technology to its fullest. This in my book is their 3rd iPhone App and if its half as good as the other 2 it will be well worth downloading. The previous App’s were the MAN IAA Show Guide 2010 and the current MAN TopUsed App.

NEW! MAN App (1).PNG

This new App “MAN Truck & Bus App” has been developed by PCH Berlin-Los Angeles, who look like they know what they are doing when its comes to these things, they are the creators of the IAA App after all. The new App will be available to download in the next couple of weeks, so keep checking the App Store.
The idea of this new App is to give a full overview and summary of MAN’s products and services. Covering buses as well as trucks for all you bus fans that must be good news. Saying that some of the buses at the IAA Show last year were stunning, you can see the life of “Blakey” On The Buses would be pretty pleasant these days!! The App will also give you lists of services and up to date news on the MAN group. The best bit for those who have MAN vehicles will be the GPS-based position that will locate you and your nearest MAN dealership / service partner.

NEW! MAN App (5).PNG

As i also mentioned you will be able to view the entire MAN range from trucks to buses. As you can see you’ll be able to view each model and get a full description of what it is and what its designed for. I hope i don’t wear out the TGL page!

NEW! MAN App (4).PNG

All in all i think I’ll be downloading it as soon as its available and I’ll also give you an update with how it works and my opinion of it. I’m sure you’ll all value that!! Well done MAN for being way ahead of your competitors, keep it going and hopefully one day the other will start doing the same. Also well done to PCH Berlin-Los Angeles for producing such easy to use and well finished App’s. I think it is also worth saying that these App’s are produced in Germany and any translation problems are none existent, they are that good! I’ll get off my corporate high horse and leave you to download the App when its released so you can see for yourselves….. (p.s. – no more use of the word App today!).

NEW! MAN App (2).PNG
NEW! MAN App (3).PNG

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