Seddons in the Sand

There are many names associated with the golden era of Middle East trucking; Astran, Whittle International, Falcongate, Whitetrux, Carmen, Essex International and another Essex company i know very little about until i heard from my new friend Nazmi. Having been the main coordinator for OHS she knows a thing or 2 about the golden age.  Nazmi says; 

“OHS Transport Ltd was formed in 1975 , and  located in Rainham,Essex, in the same group we had  a Turkish Company -CONTEX – and a Munich based German Company-UNITED S TRANSPORT GMBH. In 1978 PIE’S trucking side was bought (with the F89 Volvo’s) . Fleet consisted of MACK – VOLVO -SEDDON ATKINSON  trucks., 125 trucks at the time in the  UK fleet. M/East Transports started in 1975 and 1976 , Iran-Iraq-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait-Jordan. I was the coordinator (trouble shooter as well) in the group ,worked for the group from 1974 until 1987 .”

Now what i didnt realise was that OHS used to run fridges carrying loads of chocolate from Mars and Rowntree, 5-6 loads a week! Who would have guessed that Seddon Atkinsons would be satisfying the cravings of many a sun worshipper in the M/E. This excellent pic shows a couple of Seddon’s having a rest in the dessert en route to Kuwait. I bet the fridge motors were working overtime to keep the temperature down. Any ideas who’s the yellow Mercedes with the tilted cab is??

SeddonAtkinson& Dorsey Reefer Trailers carrying chocolate to Kuwait having a rest in the dessert.

As well as fridge OHS also ran normal tilts over land to the M/E as did all the rest, but i bet there weren’t many pulled by Sed Ak’s. Plenty of other English marques, yes, but can you think of other Atkinson’s?? leave a comment or email me the proof to;

Seddon Atkinsons.Year =1975 or 1976

Along with the Brits OHS/United/Contex were big fans of Mack’s. A good rugged truck, with a half decent cab and plenty of character! These pics are quality, even a little bonneted Mack made it to Europe.

4x2 Mack which was running bto M/E
Mack & Freuhauf Reefer- carrying chocolate

1964 MODEL Long Nose MACK in Salzburg/Austria , this photo was taken in 1971.

11 thoughts on “Seddons in the Sand

  1. I remember these trucks…errr, lorries… I was a mechanic at Rylands, Hendon, N London.. they occasionally came by for parts in extremely dirty 400’s.. one driver was picked up in a cabover Mack, my first close-up of a truck I would eventually work on at Mack Truck here in Canada..
    After a few years working on American trucks I certainly missed the F88’s we had at Fleet Hire…


  2. I drove one of these Seddons, brilliant truck, LHD, cummins, fuller gearbox, was able to pull Contex/OHS trailers in UK with them, as with the Mack, overlenght, so as a Brummie I could load for Midlands and clear at Perry Barr. The trucks were purchased by OHS as the dealer had originaly orderered them for Greece so sold at good price. I have pics and will post soon


  3. I also used to drive the Seddons from Rainham to Bagdad. Had many a great adventure, usually after breaking down or waiting for money for the next leg of the journey. Met many really nice drivers. After leaving OHS I went to to work for Funstons Transport and had a beautiful Volvo F12 and thought i was really the bees knees.


  4. I worked ats OHS transport from 1979 for two years i loved them mack trucks as a school boy i was a truck nut
    I would have worked there for nothing until i discovered the pub
    i rembember the the two stick box you could go as fast in reverse as the forward gears the turks where mad drivers


  5. I and Andy McLean ,George Fardell and Fred Mellam were the original drivers at the start of OHS at Rainham, we all went to Belgium to collect our new Mack’s, George had GMC Astro Star auto….I was there for nearly 6 years and took hundreds of photos over the years, when I get time I’ll post them


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