My 141 has a New Home

Yes after a good 18 months of being on the open market and hundreds of complete time wasters later, she finally has a new owner. UJN 509V is soon to be based north of the border with her new Scottish owner in Ayrshire. The new owner is a man who loves his trucks and already has a couple in his collection. When UJN reaches her new home she will be re-sprayed in the owners fathers fleet colours, so she will soon have a more traditional livery and first job on the list will be to remove those bloomin rear wings!!! I’ve had enough of them myself, so they were on my list of things to do, to put some new plastic mudguards on. Although i am loosing my lovely truck and I’ll be truck-less for the first time in 14 years, it does help knowing that she is going to a good home and will be well cared for, silly but true!! Any way I’m assured I’ll be kept updated and hopefully will be sent some pictures when she is re painted. As I’ve always said, Old Scania’s never die they just get better. While i go off to find my black arm band, i’ll leave you with a couple of pics i took of UJN 509V sitting in the sun on Friday afternoon, waiting to meet her new owner.
Getting ready for another trip - 25/03/1981 (sorry 2011!)
Getting ready for another trip - 25/03/1981 (sorry 2011!)
Getting ready for another trip - 25/03/1981 (sorry 2011!)
Getting ready for another trip - 25/03/1981 (sorry 2011!)
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3 thoughts on “My 141 has a New Home

  1. I understand the mixed feelings of the truck leaving you. Any chance you’ll replace it with the ex-Astran 143 streamline that was for sale in Commercial motor recently or are you going to be sensible and not have a ‘toy’ truck for a while?
    [from another ‘toy’ truck owner]


    • Ha Ha if only i could replace her with the Astran 143 i would be a very happy man. But i have to have a break from truck ownership for a while, untill i win the lottery or i get some major inheritance!! But that is my no.1 toy, Gordon dont sell her til i come to see you in a couple of years time!!


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