Classic & Vintage Commercial Show

So it’s been a few years since I’ve last been to a truck show. A free Sunday just landed right for a chance to go to the classic and vintage commercial show me and the wife put the dog in the car and headed south. I’ve been to and competed in quite a few truck shows over the years in the UK and Europe and even won trophies, but I have to say this is one of my favourite shows in England.

Being in my mid 40’s I grew up on 1970’s and 80’s trucks and this was a perfect chance to see some of my childhood favorites and wants. The show is full of like minded people no lairyness, no shouting, pumping music or fighting that now seems to be the norm at UK truck shows. A nice relaxed walk down memory lane of being with my dad.

The set up and staff made the day feel great and soon brought out my inner truck nerd to get the phone camera going. There’s also a model show inside for those that like miniatures and of course the museum which I spent a while walking round few years ago. It is full of interesting old British cars and vans, both preproduction and design specials.

Overall this years show was brilliant, of course helped by a helping of sunshine. If you like your older trucks then I’d definitely recommend visiting next year.

Written by Gavin Pearson.

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