H.E.T. Ltd

Always a pleasure to here from you the readers, yes the blog still has a few. I do wish I had more time to write and could get back to regular blogging. Lots of stories to tell and lots of photos but not always the time to get it written down and blogged with you lot. So when I get emails from readers it’s always a pleasure to get them up for all to enjoy. After many years the most enjoyable and most read blogs are those which have a few photos in. To be sent a load of photos from a smaller firm is always good as it gives them some exposure but also gives us something new to look at. Thanks to Natalie Hope from H.E.T. who sent these photos over of two very smart trucks on their way to Hellas.

“We are a small family run transport company based at LHR. These photos are a trip from LHR to Athens,Greece. The photos were taken along the route, mainly during a tacho break in Italy.”

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