Pooltransporte with MATI-Trans MAN(s)

More little MAN TGL’s I’m afraid, but if you cant appreciate them by now, then maybe move along. As always these little beauties seem to appear in my Facebook feed, I see them on the road or better still, regular bloggers find them out and about on the roads of Europe. This time, it was a couple of photos taken by Murray Grant at Gieselwind Autohof of the truck below taking a little break in the Germany sunshine.

Having looked then up on the internet and found they have a Facebook page, Click HERE, looking through the photos and reading the info, the Austrian company do what they say, Pooltransporte. Borders are no boundaries it would seem for a quality swimming pool and with a decent array of trucks, trailers and plenty of mini artics, you can have your new pool delivered anywhere in style.

Click the link here to go to the company website: Mati-Trans Pooltransporte

Whether an artic with a specialist lowboy or a little rigid with a trailer, making a great looking combi, they all suggest a company that is a leader in the service they provide and also are incredibly image conscious. The trucks look awesome kitted out with lights, lightbars, headboards, air horns, metallic paint, a great livery and finished off with private registration plates!

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