Painting of the Gr814

It’s now been a year since she’s been in the UK, MOT’d, registered, taxed and now the show season is nearly upon us I really want to get her painted and I know I’ve asked you all before for your opinions. Their is a great NG1633 that has been restored in Germany by the great Holger Hahn and I have to say that I want to turn the Gr814 into a bit of a mini me if that’s ok with Holger??

Here’s the plan;

The cab and roof deflector currently silver, both painted in Sky Blue RAL5015.

Front bumper only in Astral Silver which is MB9735.

Cab steps, front wings, chassis and fuel tank in Deep Black RAL9005.

Wheels – undecided.

There is reasons behind the choices that make sense to me at least. I’m all about keeping the truck original to its year of manufacturer 1989. The only blue available in the UK price list for that year is RAL5015 Sky Blue, that’s the cab and roof deflector sorted. I like the contrast of the silver bumper on the 1633, so it makes sense to use Adastral silver for this, as this is the colour of the cab currently and the colour it left the factory as. It also then keeps the original colour on the truck. This leaves the chassis and front wings. I like the black front wings on Holgers truck and as the chassis has been Deep Black (was known as Jet Black) since new, again it makes sense to keep it the same, keeping it original. I have to say although it looks good on the 1633 I’m not a fan of the factory standard chassis colour that both MB and MAN used to use and I’m not sure it will work so well on the smaller chassis on the 814.

If any body shops are reading this and want plenty of publicity and mentions for the next 12-24 months and want to paint the truck for free or as close as, please get in touch. I see it like a demo kitchen, get it for virtually nothing but it then becomes a physical advert for your work and I’m sure I can get your company name on the truck somewhere. To be discussed if you fancy the challenge.

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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