The Race to The Finnish Line – Day 4

Tuesday 5th March

I managed to get about 4 or 5 hours of sleep during the day and wake up at 1700 so make myself something to eat then go and use the typically poor showers in the services (might as well have been in Moto Thurrock with the state of them!)

I get my card back in at 1830 quick check of the load and the truck and set off for Rostock 484 miles away. As anyone doing Germany regularly will know it can make or break your delivery schedule with some of the epic traffic jams they tend to get so I’m glad I’m running through the night probably the best way to travel in Germany. I head to Liege then onto the border at Aachen where I stop for 15 minutes for the mandatory brockwürst mit brothen and a großr kaffe and crack on. 

It’s fairly run of the mill stuff on the drive nothing much exciting to report. I arrived in Rostock at 0530 and head on into the AS24 pumps to top up on the much cheaper German diesel as I don’t fancy paying the extra 9p per litre in Finland.

Then it’s on into the port to check in for the boat when the offices open. I’ve got 18 & 1/2 hours to wait until it’s time to board so it’s time to have some breakfast and get my head down for a few hours once I’m checked in I’ll take a walk into town this evening to find a beerhaus and a good schnitzel! before boarding the boat tonight.

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