Truckstar, Assen – Day 2

Day 2 (Friday). Off the boat after a few hours sleep and the convoy of two headed North. The idea was to stop at De Lichtemis near Zwollé for lunch. This was fine, a good run up meant we made good time until we got stuck at a nasty accident for half an hour or so. Not to worry the traffic cleared and we pulled into our lunch stop behind the well know fleet of Verbeek. You can’t fault these trucks in anyway they are delightful. Mr Verbeek claims he does it all for the love of the truck. Good man. 

After lunch and driver change, I was in the pilot seat and bearing in mind the slight issues we had encountered with the clutch/high range, I have to say I think I’ve still got it!! We got to the circuit at Assen around 1330hrs and joined the queue to book in. Booking in done and a bit of shining about we were parked up and left with nowt to do but have a beer and a chat with the Dutch. Nice. 

The rest of the day passed without many incidences, a few beers, a walk about and lots of talking with various trucker types meant it was soon time for bed and the tent. Walking round the show trucks is an experience you can only truly appreciate by coming to the show. The effort drivers put into making their trucks look good is only emphasised when it gets dark. It’s one thing having a good looking motor but it’s another thing having a motor that looks right in the dark. Various interior and exterior lights do the trick of course but as we all know it’s a fine line between too many and not enough. There are very few trucks here that haven’t got the balance right. 

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