Truckstar, Assen – Day 1

I left work late yesterday! Typical I had a busy day trying to get stuff done before a couple of days away. I got Wilson’s yard for 1830hrs chucked all the stuff in the cab, beer in the coffin mounted on the chassis and off to Harwich for the boat. On the way down to Harwich we got overtaken by a couple of show mates with their lovely Volvo. We’ve met a few times at Assen and to be fair it’s well worth their trip from the Isle of White to NL. 

Arrived at Harwich and as has become the norm we didn’t get onboard til 2300hrs. Not a worry with a host of others all heading out to the show, it rather nice to stand in the dock with a big group of UK drivers, just like the good old days! 

As always the few Dutch trucks waiting were delightful and the drivers friendly. They all wished us well for the weekend and a pleasant trip, who said romance of the road is dead?? GW?

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