Truckstar, Assen – Day 3

Day 3 (Saturday). Where do I start? Not such a good nights sleep in a leaky tent but hey ho. Up, shower, breakfast then off to walk one half of the track. For those who don’t know Assen is a famous race track and there are about 2600 trucks parked all the way around the edge. It’s always a bit of a mission but well worth the gentle walk to see all the working trucks. As with most shows there are all sorts, smart, different, polished and some not even cleaned but they are all here for the same reason, to have a good laugh with your mates. 

Walking round you realise how different this show is to anything we have in the UK. Every body brings cabins, bars and portaloo’s and what ever else to make a little camp to be the base for all the fun. Half way round we stopped for a beer and currywurst which is much needed by that point. 

After the walk the afternoon was spent wandering around the trade and manufacturers stands. I have to say that I’m not a huge Volvo fan but the Royal Edition did float my boat. Metallic Browns and a one off brown leather and suede interiour. Too much brown? no not really it just looks right, to top it off it is a rear bogie lift too!

When night falls the show takes on a second life. All trucks in the show truck section have lights on and engines running. We all know trucks look as good at night as during the day if you get the lighting right. There really are to many to mention and show you but that just means you’ll have to come yourself one year. Here’s a small selection but I will do more over the next few weeks. The night finished at some ungodly hour with a beer and a pot noodle back in the cab. 

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