English Driver Attacked in Calais


Mick Youngs life was at risk as a metal pole was shoved through the windscreen of his Scania, is this what lorry drivers should have to put up with in European member state as they are trying to get home with another load of chips for our supermarkets shelves???? NO ITS BLOODY NOT!! And what’s being done about it?? The useless thoughtless celebrities of the U.K. are gifting these thugs with food and double decker buses to live in. What idiots these people are and it clearly shows they know and care as little as our politicians. I give it a week or two before that double decker bus is wrecked and burnt out by the immigrants. They have no interest in what they are offered by those wanting to improve their own celebrity status. All they are interested in is  putting lives at risk and all in the name of getting into the UK to live a free and supported life. But why should the unsung heroes who bring all of our worldly goods and supplies from Europe who are going about their daily jobs driving the trucks that keep Britain moving/eating/drinking etc etc have to continue to put up with the violence and damage that these mindless thugs are doing to the trucks and trailers that are more than imperative to the way the UK lives and breathes. 


I asked the driver of this Scania, Mick Young, to write a small piece about his terrifying experience in Calais this week. You might have seen Mick in the news already, but here is what he told TB; 

“I had just loaded a full load of frozen chips in Belguim. On my way back to Calais I rang my company to find out if there was any delays on the ferries or train , they told there were no problems on either. Three drivers who were 15 and 40 mins in front of me went straight into Calais and straight on a boat, so wanting a shower and a meal I decided to go to the boat. Coming off the motorway going down towards the dock I was following a local Calais haulier , there were police on every junction as usual. We were travelling down the dual carriageway when we came to a stop, I was next to the Calais driver and he told me to wait he was on the phone to a friend who was 5 mins in front of us. The French driver then said no problem so I followed him, we got down just after diesel alley and he came to a stop again. Within  seconds we were surrounded by 100’s of immigrants they threw huge lumps of concrete and traffic cones in front of me and started throwing big rocks, bricks and concrete lumps at the lorry and then a massive metal spike came straight through the windscreen followed by lumps of granite which landed in my passenger footwell!!  I was showered in broken glass and my forehead was cut and bleeding. My right eye had glass in it and I couldn’t see, all the time the truck was getting smashed to bits, so I tried to reverse but noticed what I thought were headlights behind me. I managed to weave through the objects in the road but there were still immigrants trying to open the trailer doors and also they were trying to get on the trailer axles. While this was going on I later found out a French Police riot van had stopped on the opposite carriageway, but the scum then threw rocks at the van and the Police drove off (unbelievable). Getting to the dock the French security searched the truck and gave me medical attention i.e. cleaned the blood off my head and put plasters on and they also cleaned and bathed my eye. They said they were embarrassed to be French that this could happen in their country. They then gave me coffee and water and put me on the next ferry. I got back into Dover and got pulled by the UK Customs, who searched me and the truck looking for these dirty rotten scum. I dropped my trailer in Dover and my eye was killing me so I went straight to A&E, who cleansed my eye it’s fine now. I had a windscreen put in the truck the next morning and was told there was roughly £2500 of damage to my truck which is my pride and joy! (Any celebs willing to pay for this?? -rd.) Then shipped straight back out to Germany!!!! We shouldn’t have to experience this in any way, but nothing will ever change either government doesn’t care , I have now been told I’m a liar and attention seeker by these people who defend this and say these people have a right to a better life in this country !!! Then you get Jude Law out there yesterday saying let them all come too this country , he might have a different view if they set a camp up in Kensington or where ever he lives !!!” 


A couple of points, the windscreen on a truck is made of state of the art, toughened glass that is hard to  break. It’s a daily occurance for nuts, bolts, stones and what ever else to be thrown onto a windscreen by the vehicle in front and most of the time the worst you can expect is a small chip in the glass. 

Also another very valid point to remember about the ridiculous laws that the EU and UK governments apply to our lands is this – You see the photo at the top of the blog, the immigrants that are holding poles and putting them through Micks windscreen and glass in his eyes and face – if Mick is then found to have any of these thugs hiding somewhere on his truck he can be prosecuted £2000 per person. 

Yes really! Mick is attacked and his truck has thousands of pounds worth of damage, yet he is still the only one in that photo that will be prosecuted or convicted of anything. Once again this is a case of the government protecting the thugs and instigators and prosecuting the innocent victims. 

We need something to be done before the first drivers are killed. We need some celebrity support for the drivers that fill our country with all our luxuries. But I will just add it’s not just UK drivers at risk. The immigrants also seriously attacked approximately 12 trucks that night, 2 other English,  a Turkish driver (also needed medical attention),  2 French trucks and the rest were Eastern European.

Please share, read and retweet this blog to everyone and every where we can. Our lorry drivers are what keeps our country alive. We can’t live without them no matter what the out of touch celebrities and politicians tell you. Remember the fuel protests in the early 2000’s? It took one week for the shop shelves to be empty. Next time your eating a bowl of supermarket chips just remember a lorry drivers life was put at risk for your enjoyment! 

Mick Youngs truck in its former glory before the thousands of pounds worth of damage were done. 


6 thoughts on “English Driver Attacked in Calais

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  2. Change the law in UK, don’t give them the right to come there. Same for France. Great countries where the criminals are privileged in front of the working class. Choose only the good ones and you can build a brighter future. If not, you collapse.


  3. yes something should be done. If things are really bad I would just walk off (lock every thing up) your life is price less and if a enough truckles did this something would have to be done


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