Foden Keeping it in The Family


When you work with a woman who’s name is Foden what would you expect her to send you photos of?? Yep my thoughts exactly, something with wheels and an engine. It turns out that she might not actually be related to the Cheshire family but she is aware of her potential family heritage, although a bit of extra training may be needed. Anyway whilst Miss Foden was out for a romantic stroll round a boat yard in Woodbridge, Suffolk yesterday she came across this old beast. Miss Foden is clearly not mistaken by the slightly jaded family badge on the front grill but I have my suspicions to what the crane actually is. Anyone got any ideas to who the manufacturer is?? No doubt one of you has. 


The crane is still is regular use at the boat yard but could use a polish up next your up there Miss Foden. Also spotted in the boat yard is this rather nice, tidy and probably these days rare AEC Mercury. I have no idea what this would be used for in a boat yard so I can only imagine it’s been parked and left. Anyway top spotting Foden, I look forward to your next walk!

If anyone has any info on either truck please feel free to comment below.


Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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