Swedish SnowMAN – Days 3 & 4

Day 2 ended after a long wait for a ferry and a break, day three continued through yesterday (Monday) and into the evening. Rødbyhavn, DK upto the final destination at Lyeskil North West of Gothenburg is around 350 miles or so, a mere skip of a trip for the little SnowMAN. Without any drama and the clear roads of Scandinavia, Marshy reached his destination last night, parked up on the doorstep ready to unload this morning.  

Up this morning to a grey sky with a scattering of snow on the ground (no time for a proper Snowman!), a quick tip of the IBC load and another CMR signed and another happy customer, by all accounts from what I hear and have experienced very, very few Steve Marsh Express customers are dissatisfied with the service that is provided. It’s just a huge shame that even the world of hot shot light haulage is at the mercy of cheap Eastern European companies. Over Christmas there is a big need for UK operators like Steve Marsh as more often than not the cheap competition have gone home over the festive period so the original and the best get called in. Anyway I digress. If you were to look on the map at Lysekil you will see a little ferry from Finnsbo to Skår on the 161. There was me thinking this must be the way to go to and from Gothenburg when I get this picture from Marshy……  

“Pole position on the little ferry” he said! So now the long run back to Rotterdam to load on Thursday for the UK. The wonderful world of express light haulage means there is always a job, even if it’s a trek back to a reload, the beauty being that all miles are paid if your a decent (and business minded) owner driver and with Steve’s experience it’s fair to say he is both. Enough Marsh worship. I’m just jealous and forever bugged we (Steve & myself) only ever waved as we passed and never had the chance to meet in my former life! Hopefully we will get the chance to follow Marshy on some more trips through 2016.   

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