Swedish SnowMAN

HAPPY CHRISTMAS bloggers!! So here we are all eating and drinking (or eaten and drunk) all the products and presents you’ve spent the last few months delivering across the UK and Europe, but seeing as today is not the big day some of you are back at it. As you could probably have imagined one of those back at work is the one and only Steve Marsh and his gleaming 12 ton MAN TGL are loaded and in Douvres waiting for a boat. Quiet is the name of the game down there today, which makes a change I’m sure. If only the people of the U.K. could appreciate how much risk there is in you lot bringing in all our festive goodies this year. Marshy is loaded from Ellesmere Port with flammable IBC’s and heading for the little Swedish coastal town of Lyeskil about one and a half hours North West of Batmans home town…..oh no I mean Gothenburg! Only cracker-joke funny. A long coulple of days for the little MAN and his northern pilot but the plan is to keep you upto date with his progress North. 

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