Corrr-Fu’ Trucks ere Ba!

  That’s Suffolk speak by the way. Every summer holidays I receive a motley selection of photos usually from the various port towns around the Mediterranean. My old boss man, Simon Wilson, often spends his holidays taking my kind of holiday snaps. Sorry my 2nd favourite kind of holiday snaps! This year I received a few emails from Mr Wilson and I have to say once again the standard of trucks is still very impressive. Perhaps even more impressive is that all of these old buses were found on just one Greek island, Corfu.    

   This year the Wilson family holiday was a static one on the Greek island of Corfu. I know the Greeks love their trucks and it’s evident that Corfu is no different to the mainland. Lots of old glory still turning a wheel in sunnier climbs. One thing I have noticed is that quite a few of the tractor units appear to be on Bulgarian number plates, have a look at the two trucks below.

   Both trucks have Greek names or livery on but are still bearing, what seems to be Bulgarian plates. We are know the distinctive small, yellow Greek style number plates and these are clearly missing on these two trucks. May be its just a batch of ex Bulgarian trucks that have been exported to Corfu, or may be there is a bigger connection that I’m missing. What else is still evident is the Greek love for V8’s and big horsepower trucks. A good selection of 500’s, R164’s and a lovely silver 610 Volvo FH.    

 Its always a pleasure to see a line up of old motors still in daily use. It’s also a pleasure to receive emails with such photos. If you find something on your holidays then please feel free to email me, and I will happily post them up on the blog. Just make sure it’s not the other sort of holiday photos! Thanks to Mr Wilson for the photos and as always I will look forward to seeing next years!   

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